Ric Orlando has been called the Pioneer of Hudson Valley Farm to Table cooking. Bio is here (pdf)


EVENTS February 2020

Amazin Valentine's Dinner at New World Bistro Bar

It's back! The annual amorous, aphrodisiac Valentine's dinner! I design a stimulating menu with is designed to keep you feeling vibrant and sexy!  Who want's to be weighed down on this special night?

Mardi Gras Pop Up at the Lower Landing in Coxsackie, NY

Friday, February 21, 2020.

My once a month Pop up at the charming Lower Landing Tavern down by the Hudson in Coxsackie just happens to fall on the Friday of Mardi gras weekend! We only take reservations on line so click for info. These are great community dinners in a fun and casual setting!

Mardi gras Cooking Class party at Different Drummers Kitchen, Albany,NY

Monday, February 24, 2020

I am back holding my dinner party classes at Different Drummers Kitchen.

We are going to ROCK Stuyvesant plaza with a mess of great dishes. Bring some beads!


Mardi Gras Weekend Friday Feb 21- Tuesday Feb 24th happens both at New World Bistro Bar aEvery year! this is my time to step into my culinary comfort zone. We cook up the classics and also innovate some new Bayou inspired dishes...and the tunes are great..and the staff dresses up, you should TOO!